• This Club was Designed for our Members to Play the Financial Game and to give its' Club Members the Knowledge, Tools, Training and Support to Create above average Financial Success in the shortest amount of time. Join in and share this wonderful new Web site with everyone you may know. Also, We will soon be starting a contest to see how our Club Members use the 9 Income streams and document their Income potential.

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    What is the Got Money Club?
    Our Motto: How can we be of Service or Value to You?

    We are an association of like-minded men and women who are aggressively pursuing the goal of personal financial independence. We aren't dreamers. We aren't so hungry for money that we're willing to try anything. We are rational, thoughtful people whose ideal is a profitable business opportunity that will allow us to work at or near our homes so we can avoid the high cost in dollars and quality time from our families that results from daily commutes to most jobs. Earn enough money so that, at any moment, we can pay all our debt and still have a balance in the bank. Help others learn how to gain those same advantages for themselves and their loved ones.

    We are organized into a "club" format rather a more tradition, corporate structure in order to underscore the ideas that we build wealth by means of a mutually supportive network. Only individuals who are seriously in achieving personal financial independence are encouraged to join our club, and only they will have access to our innovative services and resource offering. Introducing then to a high demand, high profit, home-based business opportunities in which they occupy the lead position in our club down line structure.

    Using a variety of tools and techniques to teach them how to build and support their own downlines under each of the selected business opportunities. These will include a Subscription to a monthly e-zine, the Money Makers Hotline: one on one counseling by the club's leadership: and participation in webinars, telephone seminars, and local sales training conferences

  • Resources

    1st Income Stream:
    1st Income Stream: Built by the People, For the People! Are You Ready to Move Your World? Create $200 a month in Residual Income and start 2 new Stream of Income. Now you are ready to start level 2.

    2nd Income Stream:
    Introducing... A Very Exciting and Highly Affordable Business Designed to Generate Automated Residual Wealth in Record Time! Create $300 a month in Residual Income and start 3 more Streams of Income. You are ready to start level 3.

    3rd Income Stream:
    CASH-BACK on the Gas, Groceries, Dining and Travel! Shop at the Stores where You are Already Shopping! Share This Money Saving Membership with Family, Friends and Neighbors.

    4th Income Stream:
    Don't just Live. We take nutrition science seriously. Our scientists combine advanced research, leading-edge manufacturing and laboratory technologies, and rigorous testing to create uniquely elective formulas. The result: Better Health with Greater Wealth

    5th Income Stream:
    A Discount Travel Membership and Home Based Opportunity with Unlimited Income Potential. Offering a business model that is truly unique. It is designed as a true team concept to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to earn a substantial income! We urge you to view the travel and compensation plan video to learn the uniqueness and power of our business model.

    6th Income Stream:
    Create $3,000 - $5,000 or More Your First Week Using This Secret Marketing Breakthrough! Fast Forward to Success. (WITHOUT making mistakes that ruin most newbies) Make Money in ANY Economy. (and beat the recession on YOUR terms) Easily Supplement your Income... or Totally Replace it! (And even give yourself a hefty raise!) And Get Results Like A Seasoned Pro... IMMEDIATELY!

    You are in Profit and Leveraging 6 New Streams of Income! It's time to consider how to Protect and Diversify your Financial Investments

    7th Income Stream:
    Reduce Your Taxes! Learn how to legally reduce your taxes and increase your income. Use the Home-Based Business Tax Strategy allowed by the IRS tax code to your advantage.

    8th Income Stream:
    Join the Financial Revolution. The first transparent, Global, Cryptocurrency for everyone. The One Coin cryptocurrency is easy to mine, easy to trade and easy to use. Watch this video to see the next generation of currency.

    9th Income Stream:
    Our Mission To Give Every One An Equal Opportunity To Build Wealth That Will Last For Generations. Watch this video to gain a better understanding of how Gold is a Critical part of your Financial Portfolio.

    Earnings Disclaimer (Please read)

  • Welcome to the Got Money Club

    How can you become financially independent?

    You could wait to win the PowerBall lottery, but if it were that easy, everyone else would have done it by now.

    We know that at least eight million businesses comprise the U.S. economy, and that over 60% of all Americans want to be in business for themselves. We looked closely at a number of home-based franchises that seemed to offer what we wanted, and were centered on the idea of helping others realize their financial goals, but the out-of-pocket cost of getting into those opportunities ranged from $20,000 to $50,000!

    But, after many months of research and doing the necessary due diligence on each possibility, we also found a number of high-potential opportunities that required an upfront investment of as little as $100, and offered the potential of an annual return of millions of dollars every year!

    After confirming that these were legal, legitimate pathways to personal wealth, we partnered with those companies and are now offering you access to them.

    Our opportunity for you!

    If you are willing to pay yearly club does of $36.50 (which is tax-deductible as a business expense), we will introduce you to a select group of business opportunities that can catapult you into tremendous wealth. Each of these ventures is based on a plan that is virtually guaranteed to work, as long as you are willing to work the plan.

    As a Got Money Club member, you will be introduced to dozens of high-potential, home-based business opportunities each year through our monthly e-zine, the Money Makers Hotline. Many of these selected business opportunities are in the field of infopreneuring, where our focus is on using modern communications technologies (i.e., e-mail, websites, fax-on-demand, telephone seminars, etc.) to train you on all aspects of making, and saving, your personal wealth.

    Join the Got Money Club now-you'll be very glad that you did!

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